I remember reading about this movie in High School and talking shit with my friends about it seems like a stupid idea. An X-Men movie without X-Men? PASS!!

That was then, now? I got a surge of excitement when watching this trailer and I must say, I never thought I live in a world where I prefer the X-Men spin-off films to actual films about the X-Men.

BUT GOD DAMN BOY! THIS TRAILER IS EVERYTHING RIGHT ABOUT COMIC BOOK MOVIES!! This is what the genre has been missing!!! Of all the studios producing this type of content, it seems like FOX is the only company doing something innovative and new with the genre.

They aren’t making comic book movies, they are making genre movies with comic book characters and you don’t know how good that feels.

The film follows a group of young mutants, who in addition to still going through puberty are also still trying to understand their new growing and seemingly dangerous powers, must fight for their survival in this underground mental institution that seems to be slowly driving them mad.

Directed by Josh Boone (“Fault in our Stars”) and stars Anya Taylor-Joy, Masie Willaims, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zega and Blu Hunt.

The trailer has the feeling of a something like The Conjuring or The Shining, couple that with a reneged teens with powers and you have a recipe for greatness. The trailer leans heavy on the horror aspects of this movie making it something that feels new and fresh.

In the wake of the formulaic Marvel films and the scattershot DC films, this feels right. Aside from “Black Panther” this just became my most anticipated comic book movie of next year.

New Mutants comes out April 13th, 2018.

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