Is anyone really surprised this has happened? I’m sure not.

By now you have read or heard that Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow has vacated the director’s chair of Star Wars: Episode 9, details were unclear as to why in the beginning but rumor has since circulated that Trevorrow’s head was getting too big for his britches and beginning to clash with head of the studio Kathleen Kennedy on the direction of Episode 9.

This again, shouldn’t really come at a surprise as most of the Lucasfilm projects have all at least once shuffled creative hands, the notable exception being director Rian Jonson who helmed the recent and highly anticipatedĀ Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Now the search is on to find a director for to replace Trevorrow, currently according to the variety of news of sources (one being in fact Variety) have proclaimed that former Star Wars director JJ Abrams and current Star Wars director Rian Jonson are both the top choices to replace Trevorrow….BORING!!!

Hiring those directors would, in my opinion, reinstant the current groupthink that Lucasfilm are now only hedging their bets on safe choices and directors that can control and manages. Hey, that’s not a bad thing…just don’t complain when people are suggesting you are suppressing the creative output of the young hot directors you hired and then fire…*shrugs*…

Tune into my next article where I list off directors I want to play in the Star Wars universe.

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