After news hit during comic con, that Marvels upcoming superhero flick will focus on Brie Larson as Captain Marvel taking on Skrulls in the 1990s aided by a pre eye patch Nick Fury, we get word that the script is getting a new pair of eyes.

Geneva Robertson-Devert who recently wrote the most current draft of the Tomb Raider reboot, has been tapped by the powers that be at Marvel to tweak the current draft of the Captain Marvel script.

This isn’t anything to get anxious about, as big blockbuster movies will often go through multiple drafts by multiple writers, “Wonder Woman” was a compliation of various drafts by different writers and the ending product was great. Spider-Man:Homecoming had a total of six writers and turned out fine.

Marvel seems to have a handle on things recently, Thor Ragnarok went through about four screenwrtiers and the trailers have all looked great so I have full faith that Captain Marvel is still a sure bet to be a hit.

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