There’s been much contraversy about Netflix’s adaption/remake of the famous Japanese manga, that I would almost want the movie to warrant it and justify it’s existence, sadly after seeing this trailer, I don’t see why I should care.

The film is directed by Adam Wingard (The Guest, You’re Next) and written by Jeremy Slater (Fantastic Four, Pet) it stars Nat Wolf, Lakeith Stanfeild, Willem Dafoe and Shae Whigham.

This trailer looks so bland, and quite frankly kinda bad…the cinematography is bland, the effects and action scenes are also nothing to glamour about. The main actor here Nat Wolf, doesn’t really seem all that interesting to watch.

The original anime has a pop and a eery atmosphere about it, like most of the best anime (Ghost In the Shell, Akira), this however seems to be just something Netflix thought was a cool idea to get made, which to be fair is how most projects in Hollywood get made.

Netflix’s Death Note hit starts streaming August 25th, 2017.

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