The millennium falcon has a new pilot.

Two days ago, it was reported, virtually all over the internet that, Phil Lord & Chris Miller (“22 Jump Street”, “The Lego Movie”),  have been fired by Lucasfilm and will be no longer directing the untitled Han Solo spin off film.

Allegedly, among the many reports as to why the duo have been fired, the main cause seems to be because they were clashing with veteran screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”, “Silverado”). Lord & Miller reportedly wanted more freedom when it came to shooting and improvising on set, while Kasdan who notoriously is known for wanting actors and crew to stick to the script, obviously didn’t approve of their choices.

Likewise for Kathleen Kennedy, who was dubious of the duo from the start and reportedly didn’t take to their highly comedic approach to the film, wanting it to be a more of a throwback heist or western drama.

This news of course, broke, among other things, the internet when it dropped. Apparently, when the decision was made to fire Lord & Miller, the cast and crew of the film were taking a brief hiatus, Lord & Miller had no idea they were gonna get canned, which makes this even more disheartening.

Now, it’s being reported that Lucasfilm has found their new pilot, Ron Howard (“Frost/Nixon”, “Cinderella Man”) has been hired to take over the reminder of shooting, by the way, did I mention Lord & Miller was like nearly finished shooting this movie when they got canned?

Howard, is considered by the studio and other outlets, a safe pick to help steer the ship back where Lucasfilm had originally outlined. I’m not the biggest fan of Howard, aside from his not really having discernible style, which I bet was the big get here, he’s been on a big slump since the late 2000s.

My feelings on this are very mixed, on one hand, I think it’s pretty unprofessional on Lucasfilm’s part, to fire the directors of their upcoming project, LIKE 5 MONTHS INTO SHOOTING THE DAMN MOVIE!!!

However, I would much rather they figure out the two parties didn’t click now, then for the movie to come out and be a jumbled mess, now that still might happened. For the sake of hopefullness, we can only assume, Ron Howard will take a handle of the ship and make it a clean getaway.

Untitled Han Solo Film, is still scheduled to come out in May 25th, 2018.


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