Wonder Woman 2: PITCH


I’ve decided to try out a new segment, where I write-up a pitch for a franchise and post it on my blo-er sorry, website. I find myself more and more coming up with ideas for intellectual properties nearly 3 times a day, so in an effort to avoid annoying my friends with them, I’ll just vent them out on the internet. YAY!!

Having seen Wonder Woman and fell in love with the character, I’m interested to see where the creative team take Wonder Woman in the sequels. Undoubtedly they are going to set the sequel in present day, after upcoming Justice League movie, and while that is indeed an interesting idea I wanted to go with something different.

Instead of running down a full-fledged, in detail 3 act structure pitch, that would be too exhausting to write and even more so to read, I instead will simply summarize my idea for a Wonder Woman sequel.

There are many acclaimed runs that screenwriter Alan Heinberg (assuming he returns to write the sequel) could choose to based the next movie off of, he in fact wrote one of them “Who is Diana Prince?”, though contextually I don’t think that story fits,  but here is a suggestion.

My Wonder Woman 2 is set in the 1970s, during the height of the second wave of Feminism, many countries including and especially America (where our story would take place) have a growing concern about the movement, calling it radical and what not. After having taking down an evil regime in Bialya led by Queen Bee. Diana has arrived in America, in search of finding purpose for herself in the “Modern era”, taking glee in seeing woman standing up for themselves but disgruntled by the fact that America’s government are seemingly regressing the progression. She gives a speech at the UN and it is there she meets Barbara Minerva (Sofia Boutella) an archaeologist from Brazil who is setting up shop in America, after receiving funding from a newly established company.

The two of them end up hitting it off and become a couple, after Minerva accompanies Diana in her adventures in American, Minerva herself fascinated by mythology since she was a child.  The pair go to Feminism protest, speak at conventions and of course Diana fights bad guys and criminals.

Meanwhile, the evil witch Circe (Eva Green) has awakened thanks to the arrogance of a company led by Maxwell Lord (Jon Hamm), who funds Minerva’s expeditions. Circe pairs up with Lord and promises him godlike status if he helps her raise an army of greek monsters to reshape the world in the image of Woman.

Lord sends Minerva to amazon rain forest in search of a rare artifact a dagger of the Cheetah goddess. Minerva cuts herself with the dagger and slowly becomes possessed by the Goddess. Meanwhile three amazons show up at Diana’s flat in America to tell her that Circe has awakened (Don’t ask me how they know), Diana and the three amazon warriors seek to stop her, they also find out through Lord that Minerva has gone missing in the Amazon forest.

They travel there to find that Minerva, has fully transformed into Cheetah and has infected a small village and became corrupted with power. What follows is Diana trying to save her partner, while stopping Circe’s hostile take over, the ending climax is Diana leading an Amazon army against Circe, Cheetah and Maxwell Lord (who have all teamed up).

The core of this film, is the continuing theme of compassion from the first film, but moving towards the theme of equality. Don’t ask me how that will weave its way into what is already a complex and arguably convoluted narrative, but who cares?   

The last scene is Diana traveling to Paris and taking over the antiquities shop that Minerva owned, setting up where she is directly before the events of Batman v Superman. 

Plot wise I guess,  it plays out somewhat like the first movie on a much bigger scale, but this is just one fans idea on where to take a sequel.

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