Just when you think Donald Glover couldn’t be more prolific, he goes and does this awesome shit. Glover and his writing staff of his hit FX show “Atlanta” are producing and co-creating an animated show based on the famous comic book hitman, Deadpool.

Coming off of his highly successful solo screen debut, the show will premier on the FXX network, the same Network where shows like “Archer”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, and “Major Lazer” call home.

The show has had a full series order of ten episodes, with Glover and his brother Stephen both serving as showrunners for the upcoming animated show and Marvel tv producer Jeph Loeb serving as Executive Producer.

This is great news, Atlanta was my favorite show of last year and the surreal humor coupled with its complex motifs in story, make Glover and his team the perfect fit for a tv show about the Merc with a Mouth.

It hasn’t been reported on whether or not Ryan Reynolds will return to voice the character, but one would hope that would be the case.


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