I’ve never been a big fan of “Blade Runner”, it’s one of those movies that I think has a great premise and great story, but for whatever reason when watching it, I never jelled with it. I however, am in the increasing minority on this film, as it has become a science fiction film touchstone, and cult following.

Many fans of this film have been clambering for a sequel to answer some burning questions leftover by the original film, which debuted 1982. This sequel, tacking place in real time afterwords, 30 years later, hence the title Blade Runner 2049.

Directed by Denis Villeneuve (“Arrival”, “Sicario”), written by Hampton Fancher (“Blade Runner”) and Michael Green (“Logan”, “Murder on the Oriente Express”) starring Harrison Ford (“Blade Runner”, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”), Ryan Gosling (“La La Land”, “The Nice Guys”), Jared Leto (“Suicide Squad”), Robin Wright (“House of Cards”, “Wonder Woman”).

Click the image for the trailer


The trailer is very ambiguous in it’s delivery of plot, which seems to indicate that Jared Leto’s character who is very much modeled after Rutger Hauer’s infamous character from the original, sets off a chain of events that forces Goslin’s character’s to seek out Ford’s character.

I think, or I might be way off base, you never know when Ridley Scott is involved in a movie.  Make no mistake though, this is a great trailer, full of drop dead beautiful imagery and an intense pace to it.

Color me excited to see this film when it drops October 9, 2017.

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