Back in mid July of 2013, “World War Z”  starring Brad Pitt, hit theaters and became a major success, and who would’ve guess it? The film adaption of the hit novel, had been through major rewrites, reshoots and ran extensively over budget and while it wasn’t as critically well received it garned a global total of $540mil on a budget of $190mil. Making it Pitt’s highest grossing movie to date.

After it’s smashing success Paramont wanted to capitalize on it immediately, but the studio kept playing musical chairs with potentional directors, which prevented the movie from happening.

Now it’s has been reported excusivley at Variety that “Zodiac” and “Gone Girl” director David Fincher has signed a deal to direct the long awaited sequel.

Fincher has worked with  Pitt before on such acclaimed films Se7en (the first outing together), the cult classic “Fight Club” and the oscar baity “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

This will be Fincher’s first film since he directed the book adaption of “Gone Girl” in 2014 to much acclaim and success. This will also be Fincher’s first major studio big budget film since Alien 3, a film that Fincher has since disclaimed.

The latest draft of the script comes from screenwriter Steven Knight who previously wrote “Locke” and “Eastern Promises”.

Fincher is a great director so brining him into helm this project is a good sign, he is great for tension and charater studies and it will be interesting to see what type of aestheic he brings to the sequel.

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