Today at the Star Wats Celebration in Orlando Florida, we got treated to a whole new bag of goodies. In addition to seeing the full cast, sans Carrie Fisher (Rest in Peace), to return for the 40th anniversary panel, we were also given treat to the Last Jedi Panel.

From the panel, much wasn’t discolose other than, we get a confirmation for a new Star Wars character Rose (Kelly Marrie Tran), who is a matience worker for The Resistence, many speculating will be joining Finn and Poe on their adventures.

We also go a little tidbit from Dasiey Ridley, who protrays Rey, that Luke Skywalker may not be the hero Rey had in mind.

Thirdly, director Rian Johnson revealed that the First Order are in high geer, mobilizing their advances on the now crippeled Senate.

Finally of course we got a trailer and poster to the aruguably most anticipated film of this year.

Click the poster for the trailer:

Star Wars The Last Jedi

In addition to a number of cool images, including Rey training with Luke’s lightsaber. We get Luke himself saying “I’m sure of one truth, the Jedi must end”, cleary Luke is about as cynical as the harsh Star Wars critics, furthering a speculation I had that these new movies are a commentary on the culture and fandom that Star Wars has gain. I look forward to writing an article on that someday.

We however, still have no clue as to who Benecio Del Toro and Laura Dern will be playing, and we aren’t entirely sure if Luke will make it out of this one, I suspect he wont, but who knows.

Star Wars The Last Jedi, will hit theaters December 15, 2017.


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