Man these funny book movies are getting jam packed with villians. Looks like Aqauman is gonna have his hands full, it’s being reported by The Wrap that 80s action star Dolph Lundgren (‘The Expendables” “Rocky VI”) has joined the cast of the upcoming Aqauman film, directed by James Wan (“Furious 7”, “The Conjuring”), written by Will Beall (“Gangster Squad”) and starring Jason Mamoa (“The Frontier”, “Justice League”), Amber Heard (“The Danish Girl” “London Fields”), Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (“The Get Down”, “Baywatch’), and Patrick Wilson (“The Conjuring”, “Watchmen”).

Lungren has been cast to play King Hereus, who in the comics is a reccuring antonigist of Aqauman’s and desires the love of Mera (Amber Heard). It’s gonna fun to see Lindgren slurring his way through this cast heavy superhero flick, I hope we at least get a fight scene between him and Mamoa’s Aquaman.

By my count though this is the third villain that Aquaman will be facing in this movie.

Abdul Mateen will be playing Black Manta and Patrick Wilson will be playing Orm, Aquaman’s half either who desires the throne. Superhero films have a tendency to collapse when more than two villains are introduced.

Hopefully Wan and Beall have created a structurally sound script that will deliver.

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