ALAS!!! The manhut for Cable has finally come to a end. JOSH BROLIN (“Gaurdains of the Galaxy”, “Sicario”) will step into the role of portraying Cable on the big screen.

This announced follows the one made a couple of weeks ago, that actor Zazie Beetz (“Atlanta”) will be playing the mutant hit-woman, Domino.

This casting of Brolin, comes as a surprise because no one had Brolin on their radar of potential casting choices for Cable, everyone had supplanted him as Thanos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but this isn’t Brolin’s first run afowl with the funny books.

He was previously to top choice to play Bruce Wayne/Batman for “Batman v Superman”, and the role was his for the taking but he passed to be Thanos. Brolin also tragically, portrayed Jonah Hex in the god awful “Jonah Hex” film.

This role however seems to fit more of Brolin’s speed, he’s proven to be a great comedic foil in Men in Black 3, so I’m eager to see the kind of sharp and stark zest he brings to Cable.


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