This new and…improved? “Power Rangers” movie has all the wit and charm of the tv show, mixed with all the modern personality and action that has become a staple in recent blockbusters, specifically in the Superhero genre. That’s not to say that this is a good movie, but who cares right? You wanna have a good time, this movie gives you a good time.

Directed by Dean Israelite (“Project Almanac”) and written by Jon Gatins (“Reel Steel”, “Kong: Skull Island”),  the movie follows the adventures of five teenagers with attidues. Jason Scott (Playbed by Darce Montgomery), the fallen from grace star High School Quarterback, Kimberly Hart (Played Naomi Scott) as the former cheerleader, Billy Cranston (Played by RJ Clyer), the autistic geek, Trini Kwan (Played Becky G) the new kid and loner, finally there’s Zack Taylor (Played by Ludi Lin) as the troubled kid. Together they discover five alien coins that grant them access to become Power Rangers, in order to stop Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) a former Power Ranger from creating Goldar and plunging the world into an apocalyptic wasteland. With help from Zordon (Played by Bryan Cranston), and his assistant Alpha 5 (Voiced by Bill Hader), the team of young adult may just prove victorious.

Standard blockbuster plot, on a slightly smaller scale. Admidettly the movie at its worse when it veers into traditional and generic blockbuster territory. Before that however what we have here is often a very endering and real teen drama. Throughout this show it feels mostly like a really cool high budget CW pilot, and it works.

If this was the two parter pilot for the new Power Rangers tv show, i’d follow it’s first season. The characters this time around as mentioned are developed just enough to care, the standouts being Scott, Montgomery and Cyler who all give great performances and are given much of the heavy lifting.

Banks is hamming it up big time as Repulsa, a acting choice probably warranted, one can clearly tell she’s having a blast with role, but can’t help but feel if maybe the performance might be a bit out of place in all the serious and grounded work being done.

The movie works for so much of it, it’s kinda bums that the last 30 minutes is just a big rock’em sock’em fest that negates all the emotional character build up. If the tone of the last 30 minutes was more consistant throughout the movie, the tonal shift would’ve been MUCH MUCH easier to swallow.

Really the only other gripes in the movie are the blantant and almost offensive product placement, the movie is about 40 minutes too long, and the effects of the creatures and zords which don’t look fully realized and honestly kinda lazy. Other than that, this movie is the definition of a matinee movie. So, ORDER A BIG TUBE OF CORN AND PIG OUT!!!



Power Rangers


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