If you were to go back in time and tell me in say 6th grade (2006) that in 11 years, there’s gonna be a “Justice League” movie coming out and that I wasn’t going to be excited, I would’ve punched you in face. However, here we are…sadly.

Zack Synder has been sheperding the DC Comics cinematic universe ever since his 2013 Superman redux, “Man of Steel”. Up til now the latest movies in this universe haven’t resonated as well with fans and critics as one might have hoped. Audiences seem to be digging it though, because the movies make a fair amout of love at the box office.

Scheduled to be the next logical step, the “Justice League” movie is a mere 8 months away.  Many people are hoping that this film brings back the hope and optomism to the DC films that has been missing since honestly Richard Donner’s first Superman movie. Remeber that movie, with its bright colors and sense of wonder and awe….good times right? Click the picture below to view the new trailer:


I must say this film certainly feels a lot more cheerful than the dour and grim previous films. As much as “Sucide Squad” tried to be this mad cap, playful villian romp, the color palete and bland characterizations didn’t do the movie any favors. This film however feels like it’s going for a much more youthful glow.

That said not everything in this trailer works, the effects on Cyborg are still painstainkinly distracting. I’m not sure what type of Aquaman we are getting from the snippets in this trailer, one part he’s guzzingly down vodka and standing grunt like out on cliffs,  the next his cracking jokes with Batman and riding shot gun on the Batmobile.

And it is a little weird to me, that throughout this trailer, I didn’t remember Superman was in this universe until after I watched the trailer. That’s not a good sign. Hopefully though, Superman’s triumphant return will feel earned.

“Justice League” hits theaters November 17, 2017.



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