Who Should Direct Man of Steel 2?

It appears to be guestimated that Zack Snyder will not be returning to tackle the second installment in the Superman solo franchise, THANK HIGHFATHER (Bonus points for anyone who gets that refernce). So because I am super bored, here are some canidates that I think could deliver on a superior sequel to Man of Steel and deleiver on a great Superman movie. Honorable mentions: George Miller, Alfonso Cuaron, Cary Fukunaga

#6 Kathryn Bigelow (Strange Days, The Hurt Locker)

kathryn-bigelow Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow wasn’t always a heady oscar film maker, she was in the beginning a fun popcorn action director and for my money a DAMN GOOD ONE!! One of the things I love about Bigelow is that she loves to deconstruct the classic stoic male action lead, which could be an interesting approach to a Superman movie. Something that Zack Snyder failed to do in Batman v Superman is that he tried to deconstruct the idea of Superman, AND YOU DON’T DO THAT!!! However her approach for deconstructing male leading actors could work great for Lex Luthor. She like most of the directors on this list, is a master at building tension. Her action filming techniques are great and she’s shown to brilliant at drawing out great and conflicting performances from female leads, granted Jessica Chastain is a master at that, but still. Given that she could really help beef up Lois Lane and deliver on a different type of Superman movie.

#5 JJ Abrams (Star Wars: Force Awakens)

'Star Trek' Photocall Abrams is the go to guy now for saving franchises, or at the very least getting them back on track. He’s a safe choice for a studio not yet ready to do daring things or are unsure as to how everything will play out, evidence by this is in Force Awakens and Mission Impossible 3. Abrams is very good at establishing a tone for the future of the universe in it’s infancy. Arams is awesome a magnetic action director and is great at stakes and tense moments during big spectacle, which can look great when you pair him with a character like Clark Kent, given his powerset and abilities I believe Abrams could do some real good with action. Abrams is awesome  at delivering really curious and interesting villians, in each of his movies, Abrams is a master at the “I’M DOING THIS BECAUSE…” scene, a trademark every villian gets in a franchise movie, he can also finally bring some personality to Amy Adams’s Lois Lane something that was muddle in the previous Superman movies.

#4 Michelle McClaren (Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead)

michelle-macclaren She’s probably the most versitle and most experienced director on this list, having directed only for television she has been able to play in the sandboxes of The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, The Leftover,  and The X-Files, and that’s just a few of the shows she’s worked on. Compiling a filmography of that calibure makes me beleive that she’s a master at adapting to the status quo and can maneuever into and work on strict budget and usually she comes out on top. Here falling out with Warner Bros on Wonder Woman was mostly due to both partines being none communicative but now having her come in and meeting with people like Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, the apparent head of the DC Comics film department, they might be able to pull off something beautiful and maybe even genre defying.

#3 The Duffer Brothers (Stranger Things)

the-duffer-brothers MEMBER BERRIES, MEMBER BERRIES A PLENTY!! Stranger Things hit Netflix by storm and for good reason, the show was able to tap into the nostalgia feeling of the 80s and was able to use it to futher an “original” narrative with engaging characters and stylish atomostphere. Now imagine that but with Superman, and you have a pretty solid foudnation for a pretty great Superman film. Even more than just that, The Duffer Brothers have a clear vision for tone and character dynmanics and interplay, something that was lacking with Superman’s universe in the last two films in which he appeared. No one seemed to care for one another nore did they have chemistry and I think The Duffer Brothers could come in and bring back character to a hero that has been with every film he’s in, slowly becoming more and more of a blank slate.

# 2. Dan Tractenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane)

dan-tractenberg His fan film  Portol-No Escape garner him critical praise around the internet circuit and caught the eye of JJ Abrams, and now Tractenberg made his internation debut by directing one the most criticallly acclaimed and commerically sucessful films of 2016, now it’s time for him to make the cliche move to big budget hollywood. His brillaint work with character and atmosphere can play well in a world where Superman is viewed now a savoir basically (Fuck You, Zack Snyder). Tractenberg is great at building the stakes and handeling reveals in such a way that makes the watching experience more engaging the more the film proceeds. Handing him the keys to DC’s most beloved character, maybe ambitious but it could prove to be a bonedifde hit in the long run.

# 1. Matt Reeves (Cloverfield, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes)

matt-reeves My number one choice, Cloverfield alone was enough to convince me that he could deliever on an amazing Superman movie, especially one scripted by Geoff Johns (Comic Book Writer). He’s got a great eye for tension, character moments, scale which is something lacking in these Superman movies. He loves character beats within action, I would argue outside of Speilberg no one does them better than Matt Reeves, if you look at Dawn of the Apes, that film is not steered by plot, but by character decisions, the big spectacle action is just a by partisan. Cloverfield is all reaction and it’s fucking great. Reeves has a visual flaire which greatly fits Metropolis and Clark’s image, but he’s dead so…that really wouldn’t matter. Reeves just fits for Superman and while there is much MUCH, ground to cover and make up for, I think Reeves could be the man to fix the broken holes.


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