4 Directors Who Could Replace Batfleck

Sad Affleck.jpg

There’s a rumor heavily circulating that Ben Affleck, acclaimed director,  who is currently the man under the bat cowl, is considering leaving the directors chair for the upcoming (yet still not offically announced) stand alone Batman film, tentively titled “The Batman”.

Claims of studio interference and Affleck not feeling confident in his ability are just a few of the reasons people are speculating as to why the director is consdering walking away from the project, creatively.  So in light of this news and given that I’m super bored, here are four choices that I think could deliver us a kick ass Batman film, in this shitty universe.

4. ZACK SNYDER (Watchmen, 300)

Director Snyder arrives for the world premiere of the film "Man of Steel" in New York Now HOLD ON, WAIT A GOD DAMN MINUTE!!! Before you viciously type away at the key board, let me plead my case. Given the mainly negative response to the portrayal of Superman in both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman, it’s obvious that Zack Snyder doesn’t fundementally understand what makes the character so great, he just doesn’t get it. He does however seem to have his head wrapped around what Batman should look like in this world. Given how Batman v Superman came together and Synder insisting on killing Superman so Batman could put together the Justice League, Synder gets this character. To further add to this point the best parts of Batman v Superman were the Batman bits, which were directed great and had the right tone that fit the character. In fact when they were first announcing their intention of rebooting everything, Snyder should’ve been the director for Batman not Superman…but alas here we are.

3. Park Chan-Wook (Snowpiercer, Old Boy)

park-chan-wook Many of you are scratching your heads going, WAIT WHO? Park Chan Wook is one of the best unknown directors working in film. A Koren filmmaker who often loves to dive into the pyshcological and thriller aspects of his characters, he loves to figure out what makes people tick. Looking at his filmography gives isnight into the creepy yet inquisitive mind that he has as a director. It wouldn’t be hard to get him, as he’s already made one American film, though not best recieve it certaintly wasn’t a failure. His latest film The Handmaiden is sure to get an oscar nomination if not win for Best Foreign Film. Plus the trend of taking releitively unknown directors and given them a leg up with a franchise hasn’t slowed down yet, so why stop now?

2.  Tom Ford (Noctunal Animals)

tom-ford YES, the famous fashion designer. Looking over his latest film Nocturnal Animals (the only work of his I’ve seen), while it wasn’t my favorite movie of 2016, and wasn’t present in my top ten, the thing that drew me to it was the tone and style. Tom Ford knows tone and tense story, and he’s great with actors. A critic described his movies as “Sad people in rich houses” and isn’t that basically what Bruce Wayne is? The cool thing about Tom Ford is he can give us the ultimate playboy aspect of Bruce Wayne and really pump up that part of his lifestyle, the glamously and salty  spotlight aspect of Wayne’s life. Ford can also dive deep into the saddness within the character and show us the seedy underbelly of Gotham. The costumes and sets would look amazing and if he does a quick polish on the script it’s sure to be a tight and engaging movie.


  1. Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, The Wrestler)

darren-aronofsky No, that’s not Christian Bale. The accliamed director has been wanting to do a big budget studio film for years, he has almost directed The Wolverine, Robocop reboot and Batman movie written by Frank Milelr (the less said about that verson the better). However Aronofsky loves to tell stories with centeral characters dealing with obsession, that’s what his last three movies (I think) have been about. These deeply unhappy and depressed people dealing with repressed issues and feelings by commiting themselves to an obessession that consumes their lives, fits greatly with the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Aronofsky is great with actors, he has the tone down and his action would no dobut be spectacular, he could really deliever on what might be the best Batman film ever made.



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