When the movie was first announced a lot of people were hesitant or unsure what to think, then as the details gradually were release and people, myself included slowly became  enamored with the movie and it has now become the most anticipated film of this year. Now we have the trailer.


The thing that intrigue me about the trailer is the slow build it has, at first it begins with dumping backstory exposition for the main hero, like in every action movie trailer giving us the run down of what they have been up to from birth until the time of movie so we can empathize with them.

Then the trailer begins this slow build of visuals and dialogue that lead us into our title card. In those visuals we see Ben Mendelssohn who will no doubt be playing the main antagonist, we get our first look at Forest Whitaker as some sort of cybernetic bounty hunter?

We also get the run down of the story which is basically the bad guys are building a weapon that the good guys wanna know how to stop. Classic good guys vs bad guys plot, reminds me a lot of transformers, what it does!

I really dug this trailer, it’s got an eerie look of immediate danger around the corner and displays the feeling throughout from the music in the trailer to the dialogue Forest Whitaker spouts out.

All in all the trailer looks cool and should be another door for the general fans to enter into.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters in December 16, 2016.

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