Reel Badass Studios: Ryan Coogler Hired To Direct Marvel’s Black Panther Movie

Ryan Coogler.jpg

Well, it’s official. After the long and anticipated wait, Marvel has nabbed a director for their upcoming and highly anticipated film Black Panther. The acclaimed young and talented filmmaker Ryan Coogler has been hired for the task. Coogler is best known for his two outings Fruitvale Station and Creed, both have been critically and commercially successful, generating him widespread attention and critical praise. So its no wonder that Marvel has hired him to direct this lucrative property.

While normally I would be jumping out of my seat, I’m not really all that enthused, in fact quite the contrary. For a while Marvel has been on the hunt for a big flashy name and good talented director to attach to this project, which is respectable. However I was really hung up on the idea that Coogler would be one of the ones to steer away from the Hollywood gravitational pull, some might call me a hypocrite because I loved Creed so much (my favorite film of last year), but that was a story Coogler came up with on his own accord, and executed it like so.


Here with Marvel he will be working with a very, very tight constraints, and checklist of mechanics needed in his film to fulfill the Marvel quota, *sigh* and Marvel has had a big history at sacrificing vision for brand recognition, which again is understandable but troubling, because as A BIG Ryan Coogler fan, that thought of him getting swallowed by this machine troubles me.

Hopefully my small and pessimistic feelings will be wiped clean once we get a clear look at how this film is likely to play out and fit in the grand scheme of things.

Black Panther is set to hit theaters February 16, 2018

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