IN THE MEDIA REPORTS: The Haunting Trailer For The Upcoming Triple 9 Hits Hard

Triple 9

February is usually touted out as one of the worst times for movie releases. Almost all of the movies released in that month are garbage, however once every year there is a movie that gets released in February that is not only a real surprised but stays on as one of the best films of the year. This year it was Kingsman: Secret Service, last year it was The Lego Movie and the year before it was the Steven Sodeberg movie Side Effects.

Could Triple 9 be next years February surprise?

This trailer looks incredibly brutal and haunting. Every frame of this trailer gets bigger and badder as it progresses. Also there is something creepy about the fact that while some of the most brutal stuff is going on in the trailer, little kids are singing This Little Piggy in the background.

The film has a massive cast of some of the best actors working today in the business, from Kate Winslet and Chiwetel Ejiofor to Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus, this is a heavy hitter cast. So count me in as hyped!!!

Triple 9 directed by John Hillcoat and will be hitting theaters February 19.

Source: YouTube

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