IN THE MEDIA REPORTS: Mad Max Director George Miller Dispels Man of Steel 2 Rumors

Premiere of 'Mad Max: Fury Road' - Arrivals Featuring: George Miller Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 08 May 2015 Credit: Nicky Nelson/

Over the last few weeks it’s been assumed that George Miller, the acclaimed action director of the critical darling Mad Max Fury Road, would be tackling\ the forthcoming Man of Steel 2 as his next project. This was rumored a while back when writer/director Jon Schnepp (The Death of Superman Lives What Happened, ABC’S of Death) had dropped wind of this idea on the DC Movies News video podcast suggesting that George Miller was directing Man of Steel 2 for Warner Bros.

The reaction as one would imagine was met with overwhelming enthusiasm, many of the avid critics of Man of Steel have been advocating for Miller since it was rumored he would helmed the film. Director Zack Snyder (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman) himself said that Miller would a perfect fit for a Superman movie, if he were hired. It was even reported that George Miller was on set of Warner Bros/DC Entertainment’s up coming Suicide Squad movie. So there was some stock in this rumor.

However today, during an interview with Digital Spy, Miller himself stated that such a thing is “probably not true”. It’s unfortunate because Miller himself is a big DC Comics fan and was even going to direct a stand alone Justice League movie nearly just 8 years ago, before the project was shelved for financial reasons. Miller would have been a fantastic choice for the directors’ chair and Man of Steel 2, and seeing as how Zack Snyder is busy prepping Justice League Part One it seems unlikely he will have time to direct Man of Steel 2, leaving the film as of now in the wind.

Source: Digital Spy

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