IN THE MEDIA REPORTS: The Stunning Trailer For Disney’s Live Action Jungle Book Hits The Web

Jungle Book

In an age where everyone is crying out for the return of particle effects, its nice too see a director like Jon Favreau moving ahead with the times and producing a movie that states a brilliant case as to why special effects and CGI are what’s leading the medium today.

This live adaptation of The Jungle Book looks to bring to life a great Disney classic animated movie. Based on the popular novel, The Jungle Book, tells the story of Mowgli a young Indian boy raised in the jungle by a mother wolf (Voiced by the stunningly gifted Lupita Nyango) and an old wise Panther (Voiced by the prestigious Ben Kingsley), and of course the lovable bear Billo (Voiced by the one and only Bill Murray) together in one way or another they help Mowgli navigate through his life in the jungle as he encounters a manipulative snake (Voiced her by the incredible Scarlet Joahanson), a smooth talking Orangutan (voiced by Christopher Walken) and of course the ferocious tiger Shere Khan (Voiced by the always charismatic and intimating Idris Elba).

This film first gained significant attention at D23 when Favreau came out and showed the audience roughly 3 minutes of footage that blew everyone’s minds and I must admit that this looks incredible, and while we only hear the voice of Ms. Joanhanson as the snake, which fits perfectly I might add, we have been shown but a glimpse of this amazing world.  So it’s safe to say that movie will be on everyone’s radar as it should, and consider this to be one of my most anticipated films of 2016.

The Jungle Book is set for a release in April 15, 2016.

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