IN THE MEDIA REPORTS: RUMOR: Sean Bean and Eva Green Up For Villains In Wonder Woman Movie


According to Heroic Hollywood, a site that is the living embodiment of spoilers, actor Sean Bean (Game of Thrones) and actress Eva Green (300: Rise of an Empire) are apparently up for the roles of Ares and Circe who will serve as the main villains in the upcoming live action theatrical debut of Wonder Woman.

IF this is true and while I’m not a fan of the site, a lot of the stuff they report are, these are great choices for the villains albeit a little obvious ones. It does go to show that Warner Bros is heavy on recruiting talented actors for their upcoming films and movies.

This film so far oddly mirrors a script that I had read a while back in which these two were the main villains for the film, whether or not that script was the basis for this movie, I won’t know until I hear more about the project, but hey you never know.

Source: HH

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