In The Media Reports: Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns Are Co-Writing Next The Stand Alone Batman Film



According to Deadline, this is legit. Director Ben Affleck (who will be appearing as Batman in the titular Batman v Superman movie) has been long rumored to be directing the stand alone (reboot) Batman movie, since his casting, and at this point we can say that he is directing it.


Surprisingly though it seems that the rumors of Chris Terrio (Writer of Argo and Batman v Superman) will not write the film, instead Affleck will be co-writing it with Comic Book Writer and DC Entertainment’s CCO Geoff Johns, which will be in production once Affleck finishes shooting his next feature Live By Night (an adaption of Denis Lehane’s book of the same name). This is surprising after having his hand in that under cook Green Lantern film, I would think DC Entertainment would want Geoff Johns’s role to be akin to him just standing in the back corner and wave every once and while, but according to Deadline’s “source” Johns and Affleck really hit it off and have been working on a draft that should be turned in by the end of the summer.

Deadline also says that the script will focus on Batman living in a post Batman v Superman and Justice League world (the latter which will debut November of 2017). I have to say, if I didn’t elude to it earlier, I’m a bit shocked by this. This seems like an odd paring, I was really sold and excited on the notion of Terrio writing the script since his work on Batman v Superman has been praised by nearly everyone involved in the project, and while I love Geoff Johns, creative wise he hasn’t been at his sharpest in the past few months. Affleck however has proven he’s a good if not great writer winning an Oscar for co-writing Good Will Hunting (with Matt Damon) and also writing the adaptions of two of his directorial works Gone Baby Gone and The Town. So, him writing the script doesn’t surprise me, Geoff Johns is the one that throws me off, I’m wondering how this partnership came about, and this has me a bit cautiously curious at what the creative process looked like while they were figuring out the beats of the story.

It’s worth noting though, that this is still rumor and speculation and that none of this has been confirm by anyone involved in the movie but who knows, maybe at the Warner Bros Comic Con panel on this Saturday we can get some of this confirmed.

Source: Deadline

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