In The Media Reports: Marisa Tomei Cast As Aunt May in Sony/Marvel Spider-Man reReboot



According to Variety, two time Academy Award Nominated Marisa Tomei (who one the Oscar for My Cousin Vinny) has been chosen by the powers that be at Sony and Marvel to portray Aunt May in their upcoming Spider-Man. Also it appears that according to The Hollywood Reporter Tomei will be making her debut with Tom Holland (recently cast as Peter Parker/Spider-Man) in the upcoming Marvel’s Captain America:Civil War.

Aunt May

While I personally wanted Sissy Spacek for the role, I can’t be in the least upset about Marisa Tomei getting it. Not only is she incredibly beautiful, but she is really one of the most talented actors and really underrated in my opinion too. Given this casting, it’s very apparent to me that Marvel is indeed championing for that younger and more relatable Spider-Man.

The film is said to be more like a John Hughes film, and with the casting of Tomei, I can clearly see that they are working that angle. I think Marisa will be a very inspired and different Aunt May than we’ve seen and will give us a more emotional look into her dealing Peter and his mask charades.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is slated for a release date of May 6th, 2016 and Sony and Marvel’s Spider-Man Reboot swings into theaters July 28th 2017 and will be directed by Jon Watts and stars Tom Holland and Marisa Tomei

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