In The Media Reports: Forest Whitaker Joins Star Wars: Rouge One


According to Variety, Academy Award Winner Forest Whitaker has joined the cast of both Rouge One, the first of the Star Wars Anthology films that will hit in December 16, 2016. The film already has an impressive cast of recent Oscar nominee Felicity Jones(The Theory of Everything),  Riz Ahmed (Nightcrawler), Diego Luna and Ben Mendelsohn, with Gareth Edwards directing.

Whitaker is perhaps best know for his fiercely accurate portrayal or war monger-er Edie Amine in The Last King of Scotland. Adding him to the cast continues Star Wars tradition of adding veteran actors as a way of legitimizing the project. Which was announced at Star War Celebration to roaring praise after being described by Edwards as a “War movie” which revolves around the heist of the Death Star plans by a group of rebel fighters, with Jones starring as one of the rebel soldiers. Sources say Ahmed and Luna also play Alliance fighters. Whitaker’s role is unknown at this time.

He’ll next appear in Antoine Fuqua’s boxing drama Southpaw, a potential Oscar contender later this summer, and is a producer on critically acclaimed hit Dope, which hits on June 19.

Source: Variety 

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