Has Bad Boys 3 Found It’s Director?


According to Variety Joe Carnahan (The Grey and Smokin Aces) is being eyed by Sony to rewrite an existing script of Bad Boys 3 recently penned by ‘Safe House’ scribe David Guggenheim. The report is also reported that Sony wants Carnahan to direct the long awaited sequel should his rewrite prove to be promising.

This comes as a surprise as the previous films director: Michael Bay has been long trying to get a Bad Boys 3 up and running but with him filming back to back sequels of a certain franchise with giant smashing and wise cracking robots, he hasn’t had the time to focus on Bad Boys 3 which has gone through several rewrites.

This should be a great positive for Will Smith and especially Martin Lawrence who hasn’t had a hit film since the second Big Mamma’s House movie. Smith himself is needed to get back on the box office money train after his last two films failed to bring in both the reviews and box office cash needed to help him rise back to numero uno.

Bad Boys 3 is one of those films however that has been long talked about but nothing never materialized, and while I can certainly see someone like Carnahan easily picking up the reigns I don’t see this project movie any further than just talks and discussions.

Source: Variety

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