Robert Rodriguez Set To Hem Live Action Jonny Quest Movie


Jonny Quest an old school Saturday morning cartoon from the mid 60s the show focused on the globe-trotting adventures of young Jonny Quest and his father. They were accompanied by Jonny’s dog Bandit, a Kolkatan orphan named Hadji, and government agent/bodyguard Race Bannon. It originally ran for only one season, but has since spawned ’90s cartoon revivals and comic books.. For years now this project has been desperately sought after, but has been stuck in development hell for quite sometime.


Now we finally have movement, grind house enthusiast and Spy Kids franchise director Robert Rodriguez has been hired by Warner Bros to bring the property to the big silver screen. Rodriguez and Terry Rossio (The Lone Ranger, Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4 and Aladdin) will be rewriting the existing script which was written by Dan Mazeu (Wrath of the Titian’s and DC Comics’s The Flash).

I’m a little optimistic about this, I think children’s films are where Rodriguez shines the most, I’m not a fan of his Spy Kids, but clearly they have something to them that I’m missing, which gives me hope that this is something to look forward too. However with the addition of Terry Rossio as the co-writer is where I become a little pessimistic, I’m not a fan of his writing with the exception of Shrek and Aladdin, everything else I have strong negative feelings about.

Hopefully though the two can take what Mazeu already did and build something great out of it.

Source: THR

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