Possible ‘Elektra’ Audition Tapes For DAREDEVIL Season Two Find Their Way ‘Leaked’ Online

Marvel's Daredevil

Is not surprising that Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix show as surprised hit, becoming the highest rated Netflix show. It had all the right ingredients, the cast was great, the story line flowed in a rather coherent and brisk way. The show was both fun and engaging, so with season one done and over if (many of use have probably watched it 3 times by now), we are looking forward to the next thing Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones, well it appears Marvel is already looking for new additions for second season of Daredevil, most notably fan favorite Elektra.


A major player in Matt Murdock’s complex and deep history, Elektra is an assassin who engages in a romantic relationship with the guardian of Hell’s Kitchen (in the vein of Catwoman and Batman). The following videos are tapes of two actresses auditioning for the role.

These videos can give you some insight as to who they are looking for, both actresses are stunningly beautiful and have that exotic look needed for the character and that’s clearly a factor Marvel is considering. Out of the two I am more in line with Lousia, I think she has the fierce and wit that comes with Elektra’s character and she looks almost identical to the character.

These are an interesting find courtesy of an avid Marvel twitter fan.

Source: Twitter

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