Cary Fukunaga No Longer Directing Stephen King’s It

Cary Fukunaga
Cary Fukunaga

According to The Wrap and their mutliple sources, Cary Fukunaga director of the first season of True Detective and the highly acclaimed Sin Nombre has left the directors chair for the upcoming It remake, supposedly starring Will Poulter (We’re The Millers, Maze Runner) as Pennywise, the infamous clown. Reports indicate that Fukunaga’s ambitious and highly artistic approach to the source material, which included spiting the book into two movies (because thanks Harry Potter) wasn’t met with a overwhelming sense of encouragement from New Line, the studio developing and financing the remake.

Not only that but apparently the recent underwhelming success of 20th Century Fox’s Poltergeist remake which also had a scary clown in it (if ever so briefly), did not help sell the project better to New Line who started to get cold feet. Also the studio demand budget cuts from the already previously established $30 million, did not warrant Fukanga’s enthusiasm about working with the studio.

So, there are two ways of looking at this, I see. One way is the glass half full, where the studio and Fukunaga acknowledged that they had different visions for the film and the one that Fukunaga had did not warrant enough support from the studio and while their split wasn’t amicable it wasn’t all that disdainful either. The other way too look at this is that New Line in the wake of some pretty scatter shot evidence abandon Fukunaga and did not have the total faith in his vision in the first place. Which probably became apparent to him during these negotiations.

Personally I have never seen the original It and I haven’t read the book (or any Stephen King book for that matter), so this project didn’t really have my interest from it’s inception. I do hope though that New Line will take a long and hard look at this project before deciding if they want to move forward with it.

Source: The Wrap

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