Dwayne Johnson Says SHAZAM Is Coming Sooner Than 2019

Black Adam vs Shazam
Black Adam vs Shazam

In  a recent interview promoting his upcoming disaster flick San Andres Dwayne, Johnson stated among other things that he believes Shazam will debut before it’s originally scheduled 2019 released date, take a look below.

It’s interesting to me how Johnson repeatedly refers to the project as “Black Adam” now whether that’s just because of the character he is playing or that he is in fact the titular character we will be following remains to be seen, also this idea of Black Adam being portrayed as a “anti hero” rather than a villain has always been confusing to me. Frankly it’s obvious that Johnson is ultimately interested in Black Adam becoming a hero fighting along side of the Justice League…What’s even more interesting is that if in fact the movie will hit theaters before it’s slated 2019 released date, they probably need to either be actively looking or in final talks with the actors who are portraying both Billy Batson and Shazam and have a director locked down.

The earliest I can see this film coming out is maybe 2017? But if that were the case the cast should have probably been announced by now… but then again Doctor Strange comes out November of next year and other than the knowledge of Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Doctor Strange we have no other casting information, same with DC and Warner Bros upcoming Wonder Woman solo film.

Fingers crossed they use Geoff John’s Shazam run as a the main blue print for the film.

San Andres hits theater next Friday, May 29th, 2015. Shazam is scheduled to hit theaters 2019.

Source: comicbook.com

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