Disney’s Tomorrowland Fails To Inspire Where It Counts At The Box Office.

It looks like it was a very underwhelming at the domestic box office this weekend, as we see most audiences have cooled down. While Brad Bird’s refreshingly original high concept science fiction adventure film Tomorrowland road the wave of anticipation, was met with the lackluster reviews (I haven’t seen the movie) but heavy word of month had manged it to barely make the #1 spot, but the green it brought in was sadly meh, debuting with a mere  $32.2 million, in second place was the apparently equally lackluster sequel Pitch Perfect 2 not far behind in the #2 spot with $30.3 million, leaving Mad Max Fury Road trailing behind in it’s dust with a really candid $23.9 million gross, and rounding out this weekends top five are the Poltergeist remake debuting with $23 million and Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron which has appeared to have lost is steam taking the top 5 spot with a little over $20.9 million.

Tomorrowland Trailer Still
Tomorrowland Trailer Still

I am surprised though that Tomorrowland debuted so low, as Tomorrowland has been getting an interesting mix of both negative and positive praise, such as Brad Bird is a name some people have come to recognized I would like to think and Disney is a hot property right now having just had a mega hit on their hands with Age of Ultron.

Pitch Perfect 2 from what I hear was another big disappointment even though it debuted strong it seems the rabid fans have had their fill, same with Mad Max Fury Road which for many people figured it would have the strength to go the distance and become another sleeper hit like Kingsmen but apparently that doesn’t appear to be the case, (although I’m no Box Office expert).

Poltergeist remake poster
Poltergeist remake poster

Also it appears that both Poltergeist and Avengers had little to no real active interest with this weeks movie going public, which is weird because horror films are usually a box office juggernaut especially at midnight showings. Hopefully though next week Dwayne Johnson can deliver both the goods and the dough with his disaster film San Andres.

Source: Rentrank.com

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