A Live Action Tinkerbell Movie?


Apparently Disney is on a roll with their live action adaptations, this week they’ve selected (after spinning their wheel of possibilities), Tinkerbelll!!! Yay?

I guess I can see her as Tinkerbell?
I guess I can see her as Tinkerbell?

That’s right recent Oscar nominee Reese Witherspoon, who is just coming off of her heavily panned film Hot Pursuit which can out earlier this month, will be producing and starring in a live action Tinkerbell movie entitled Tink (Why not just call it Tinkerbell?). The project doesn’t have a director but Victoria Strouse who recently wrote Pixar’s upcoming Finding Dory (the cleverly named sequel to Finding Nemo) has been brought on to pen the script for the film, which is reportedly to be “in the vein of Maleficent” which I don’t know how that’s gonna work out but hey I’m not writing this film.

It will be interesting what type of story they will inevitably go with for Tinkerbell. Also seeing as how Tinkerbell doesn’t talk (at least in almost any incarnation or adaption I’ve seen), I’ll bet they probably will change that for the film. No doubt this will be an unnecessary origin story. Clearly Disney has faith in their writer so if anything this gives me some hope for Finding Dory…

Currently there is no release date for Tink (Which for god sakes why not call it Tinkerbell?)

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