Director James Wan Is Reportedly A Lock For Aqauman And In Talks For Robotech

Hot off from directing the highest grossing film so far of the year, Furious 7, James Wan is reportedly a lock to direct the upcoming Aqauman movie for Warner Bros right after he finishes The Conjuring 2.

Jason Mamoa as Aquaman
Jason Mamoa as Aquaman

If the report is accurate, the reason behind the rushed scheduling is because Warner Bros are not going to wait and longer and are seeking to strike while the iron is hot. It’s also being rumored that James Wan is currently in talks to bring to the big screen another potential billionaire dollar franchise with talking/fight robots.

That’s right, ROBOTECH (shame on you for thinking it was Transformers). robotech-main Reports are that Sony is overwhelmingly impressed with Wan’s work on Furious 7, that they are discussing with him the possibility of him directing what they hope will be their next successful franchise. Because that’s what it’s all about now in Hollywood, big franchises and money, (thanks Harry Potter).

I for one am very interested to see Wan’s take on both Aquaman and Robotech. Clearly he is a sought out director after his awesome job on Furious 7. Hopefully though this doesn’t burn him out and results in one of these projects being half assed, nor Dc or Sony need that right now.

More on these stories as they develop.

Source:Twitter, Deadline

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