The EPIC Force Awakens Official Trailer UNLEASED

By now most of you have seen the new Force Awakens trailer and have probably watched it more than five times and dissect it in all it’s glory. I myself got to see it unveiled earlier this morning during the Force Awakens panel, that had Director, Co-Writer and Producer JJ Abrams and Producer and Lucas CEO Kathleen Kennedy along with the major cast members but let’s get to the trailer.

In classic JJ Abrams fashion the trailer opens with a single shot that fills you with a sense of awe and insatiable curiosity, shrouded in deep mystery. The opening shot of a crash Star Destroyer is the signal to us that we are back in the galaxy far, far away. Coupled with that iconic slow burn John Williams score music I got goosebumps!!

Rey's home?
Rey’s home?

There is much speculation surrounding this epic shot, rumors have been circulating for a while that this is the home of Daisy Ridley’s character Rey, whom she described is a “Scavenger, who lives in a ship graveyard”. Which is a wonderful place for a scavenger to live and this shot certainly sends chills down your spin, and like most of these shots it tells and interesting story.

Darth Vader
Vader’s helmet

Another amazing shot, that is just as mysterious is this one, the shot of Vader’s melted and destroyed helmet that has been withering away over the years. The shot is placed when over Luke’s narration when he talks about he force saying “My father had it”. I’ve been wondering who keeps this helmet and I think either the main villain Kylo Ren or Luke Skywalker are the only two people who could have kept this helmet as a trophy or a reminder of the dark time the galaxy was in just 30 years ago.

Leia has a lightsaber?
Leia has a lightsaber?

“My sister has it” Luke speaks and we get a snap shot of what is pretty righteous to say Leia being giving a lightsaber. Perhaps it’s her fathers or her very own, either way from the way the shot plays out I got the feeling that she holds a heavy burden with the lightsaber in her hands, as if she is reluctant to embrace the force side of her.


R2-D2 stands innocently in the frame and then gently the cloaked figure places a mechanical on R2 and we hear Luke say in the voice over “I have it” when referring to the force and it’s lineage in the Skywalker family. This is probably one of the most emotional shots, clearly for some reason Luke has gone into hiding or self imposed exile, with the ever present and faithful R2-D2 by his side. This has me the most curious about the circumstances of Luke in this movie.

Rey (Dasiy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega)
Rey (Dasiy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega), fugitives?

As you can plainly see our new leads are running for their life from Ti-fighters who have probably been commissioned to exterminate the two with extreme prejudice no doubt. Rey seems to be taking charge and leading Finn and the new droid BB-6 through the peril to safety a nice look into the strong and independent character of Rey.

Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren the epic badass!!!

Here we get our first look at what appears to be the main villain of the film, Kylo Ren. Whom many have speculated is being portrayed by Adam Driver. Not much is known about Kylo except that he is a badass, I mean look at that guy, he’s probably force choking the shit outta someone we can’t see, or force pushing someone far off screen, either way he’s menacing and mysterious already a great trait for a new bad guy.

Poe Dameron (Oscar Issac)
Poe Dameron (Oscar Issac)

“He’s the best fighter pilot in the galaxy” Oscar Issac says when asked about his character. Here in the trailer he is seen shouting for joy as he soars through the skies. I like to think Poe is as cocky and brillaint as Han is.

Han Solo and Chewie
Han Solo and Chewie

And it’s here we get a great look at Han Solo and his trusted co-pilot Chewie. Han Solo giving that smug smile and Chewie standing ever present and it’s a great line giving by Han that closes the trailer “Chewie we’re home”.

There is a lot of things in the trailer that I didn’t cover but this trailer looks stupendous and is the best trailer I’ve seen from the movie and this year!!! It’s a great sign that all in is the right hands.

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