Batman v Superman TRAILER HAS ARRIVED!!!

Finally after months and months of waiting and speculation we have the very first look into the epic and brutal film that will be Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Courtesy of someone who has brave enough to leak this highly confidential trailer online yesterday afternoon.

The trailer was supposed to hit on Monday after a lucky few fans got to see a sneak preview of it in select IMAX, however due to last night’s discrepancies (That damn Suicide Squad), Warner Bros and Zack Snyder have jointly released  the trailer IN ALL IT’S EPIC, GLORY!!!

I love have this trailer starts, it begins with numerous famous commentators and some of the films characters (notably Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor) talking about how controversial Superman is being perceived in this world because of the events of Man of Steel (the previous film). The tone of the trailer is such gloomy and brutal and epic, there is meat on these bones and this is truly going to be an epic film!!!

Source: Twitter

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