‘Furious 7’ Review


It’s hard not to look at the trailer of Furious 7 and not call out on it’s stupidity, cars parachuting out of the sky, driving through not one, not two, BUT THREE BUILDINGS!!! Thankfully the movie is aware of the fact that most of shit, Vin Diesel and his crew do in the movie is RI-GOD DAM-DICULOUS as they state multiple times throughout the film.

The movie for the most part cranks everything up to eleven when it comes to its big action set pieces, which helps you get over the glaring weaknesses of the film, which lies in the bad dialogue, scatterbrain plot and no real character development to speak of, but then again this series has never been about that, although it hard to pin point how Dom and his crew graduated from common street racers to James Bond Esq super spies, which is ever more prevent in this movie and its plot.


The film takes place right after the tragic end of Fast and Furious 6 in which we see Han horrible die by the hands of Jason Statham’s character Deckard Shaw who is out for revenge against Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew Brain O’Connor (the late Paul Walker), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Lette (Michelle Rodriguez), Tej (Chris Bridges), and Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson),all of whom Deckard has a special bullet for, after they hospitalized his younger brother Owen Shaw (Luke Evans) from the previous film. What follows is a set piece heavy, scatterbrained plot driven movie that invovles the team coming in contact with a shadowy goverment agent Mr. Noboby (Kurt Russel) as well as them preforming a daring rescue to save new comer Megan Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel).

Furious 7 Film

Now, obvious I’d be remiss if I did not address the really tragic passing of Paul Walker who was the backbone of this franchise and part of the main reason it has become such a big hit, his untimely death, force the production to halt for a year and figure out a way to respectively move the franchise forward. Thankfully Paul’s two brothers step in as stands in for his brother and through motion capture were able to through computer imaging put Paul’s face on his brothers, for which the most part is pretty seamless until the very end.


I can tell how hard it must have been for screenwriter Chris Morgan to find a way to rework the films script seeing as how Walker has a big role in the movie, not since Fast and Furious has Walker been giving this much screen time which at sometimes seemed to be the main focus of the movie so it is understandable that there would be some major reworks in the script for Walker’s role, most of the characters in the film aren’t really developed pass their usual trademarks and some are even taken to the next level like Tyrese Gibson who is much more obnoxious than he is in the previous movies. Michelle Rodriguez is given a nice little side plot that gets abandon once things get rolling and once things get rolling, BOY OH BOY!!!

The high octane action is what sold you from the trailer and is indeed the best part of the film, James Wan (Insidious and The Conjuring) steps into directors chair previously held by Justin Lin, and takes over the franchise in spectacular fashion, delivering all of the over the top, action scenes you would get from a GI Joe Saturday morning cartoon, or one of Michael Bay’s infamous Transformers movies. From the first encounter between Statham and Johnson which is indeed a pretty bad ass fight scene that leaves Hobbs hospitalize for most of the movie, to the final chase scene in the heart of Los Angeles, the film never lets up, with much of the plot suffering so does unfortunately Statham who is really good as the film villain but only appears when the plot (such as it is) requires him to just randomly appear out of nowhere, just to fuck with Diesel and his crew.

furious Statham

Putting aside all of the short comings of this movie, the film never loose it sense of fun and awe. With touches of humor and a generally heartwarming farewell to Paul Walker and his character. This franchise has never been about character development or having a tight script, the appeals of this franchise or “fanchise” as the case maybe is purely powered by fast cars, hot girls and balls out action.



Furious 7 crew

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