Deadpool Movie Rated R!!!


After months and years of speculation, WE FINALLY HAVE CONFIRMATION, the form of a hilarious video featuring both Ryan Reynolds and famous interviewer Mario Lopez.

Earlier today, both Reynolds and made statements that the famously violent character will be debuting in a PG-13 film. Fans began an outcry over this calling it “sacrilegious” while that may have been a bit much, I think that the studio new the film was going to be rated R ever since the test footage “leaked”, the hugely positive fan response must have cemented the fact that the movie must be rated R.

Hi Tom

This is all in all good news and since the Deadpool footage test leaked the film has had major successes. Here’s to a wonderful bloody and raunchy Deadpool film.

Deadpool hit’s theaters February 12, 2016.

Source:Twitter, Twitter

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