Better Call Saul: ‘Hero’ Review


From the beginning of this episode we get a flashback into Jimmy’s dirty and scheming past, and see that he’s been hustling in this town for a long time. That opening which beautifully juxtaposes the “theme” of this episode which is, Is jimmy a hero? The immediate answer is no, but his actions in this latest episode say something rather different, first he saves the Kettelmens from what would have been a rather eventful evening and with an unpleasant intruder, Jimmy also manage to save that unpleasant intruder (his client) Nacho from being jailed for the Kettelmen’s supposed kidnapping.

And after again trying to get the Kettelmen’s to make him their lawyer, Jimmy learns that his reputation proceeds him when Mrs. Kettelmen replies “You’re the kind of lawyer guilty people hire”, a low blow but in fact true and as compensation they offered Jimmy a healthy bribe, which we are lead to assume he took.

It was worth it

From there Jimmy began his not so clever scheme of getting back at Howard (Patrick Fabian) and his law firm, by posting a billboard with him dressed in clothes exactly like Howards’ and making a logo identical to his law firms’ but that plan irrevocably back fires and Jimmy is forced to take matters into his own hands. Which then leads us to the surprise climax of the episode where Jimmy saves a construction worker from falling of off one of his billboard.


Admittedly I, like Kim was buying the idea that Jimmy had actually saved the man, mainly due to Bob Odenkirk’s great performance. But with Jimmy being Jimmy, there is always a catch and in this case it was that he paid the guy, and stage the whole incident in order to get himself some good PR, nice move Mr. Mcgill.

Mr. Grumpy face

The big thing to take away from this episode aside from the brilliant subtext of Jimmy being whether Jimmy is a hero, which clearly he is only for some kind of personal gain and or gratitude, was the relationships he has with the people around him. Clearly his relationship with Kim (Rhea Seehorn) seems to be progressing towards a romantic one maybe? It might be to early to tell but clearly Jimmy’s charms have are becoming to warm up to her as they are to us (or me rather) as a viewer.  Which is great because that makes us feel more and more sorry for Jimmy when we see him at the end of rope in that quick opening scene form the pilot episode.

The episode proved to be another great step forward for character development for both Jimmy and Kim and a feud between Jimmy and Howard that is sure to not be over anytime soon.

Final Rating:


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