Fox’s Deadpool movie gains two actresses

The fanboy/fangirl much anticipated Deadpool movie has finally hit the ground running with production, due to the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the “leaked” test footage that made waves after 2014 Comic Con. Since then the project has grown new legs and has been spearheaded into production. Ryan Reynolds confirmed be would returning as the titular character, the script is being polished and the director has been signed.

Gina Carno as Angel Dust
The 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards arrivals
Morena Baccarin as the films female lead and Deadpool’s love interest

Now the project gains two new actresses, former MMA fighter Gina Carano (Haywire, Fast and Furious 6) and Morena  Baccarin (Firefly and Fox’s Gotham), have both joined the film. Gina Carano will reportedly play Angel Dust who is apart of a group of Morlocks in the X-Men Universe for which the movie takes place.

Morena Beccarin is reportedly playing the female lead a woman is falling in loved with Deadpool (despite his apparent body order, and furious case of ADHD and knack for destruction).

This is great news both actresses are great talent, Carano may need to grow as an actress more but I doubt her role in the film with require a lot from her acting wise, I think its safe to say she’s been cast based on her background in MMA fighting. Beccarin role is more interesting and curious to know which character from the comics she is playing. Either way this film is shaping up and that couldn’t be more great for fans of Deadpool.

source: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter

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