District 9 director Neill Blomkamp to helm the next installment of Alien

A while back director Neill Blomkamp released concept art for his “dream” an Alien movie via twitter and Instagram. After seeing the concept art many fans began to speculate whether or not this met Neill Blomkamp was in fact going to helm the next installment. Well yesterday via Instagram Blomkamp confirmed that after his upcoming film Chappie is released in theaters, he will next take on the Alien franchise.

New playground
Neill Blomkamp, concept art for his new upcoming Alien film

It’s been three years since anyone has visited the franchise, the last being Sir Ridley Scott with his highly divisive prequel Prometheus (which I very much enjoyed), and apparently Prometheus 2 is still a go ahead and Scott is reportedly producing both films, Blomkamp’s Alien and Prometheus 2.


Blomkamp is known for his unique and gritty visual style and is perhaps infamous for his films having social political subtext to them, sometimes are delivered more heavy handed than others (I’m looking at you Elysium). With Blomkamp on board this raises a lot of questions as to the nature of the direction he is going to go, what the plot of the movie will be, etc.

One thing is for sure base don this amazing concept art, we are in for something original.

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