Better Call Saul: ‘Nacho’ Review


This is where things get a little hairy for Jimmy. As I texted a friend last week: “Jimmy has gotten himself into some deep shit” and this episode is where it starts to catch up with him.To be fair it was only a matter of time before we enter this fimilar ground, especially with a show starring a character as sleazily and morally shaded like Jimmy Mcgill (Saul Goodman).

"I'm at a payphone trying to call..."
“I’m at a payphone trying to call…”

I find it ironic how from the starting of this show Jimmy has spent most of his time defending these slimy criminals who are clearly guilty of their crimes and yet here he is, with everything he has (which isn’t much) hanging by a very loose thread, and defending a criminal who is guilty of everything else but the crime he has been blamed for. It’s always interesting to see how Jimmy figures himself away out of the trenches and Bob Odenkirk plays it perfectly, striking the right balance of dark humor and desperateness, thanks to this great material given, Odenkirk gives probably the best performance as the character in this series so far and it’s thanks to Odenkirk and the supporting cast that the show never looses it’s since of urgency that it has been slowly building towards.

Speaking of supporting cast it’s great to finally see Johnathan Banks (Mike) finally get out of that toll both and stretch his legs, even if it was for a short while. Although his time on screen didn’t go wasted as he saved Jimmy from most likely digging himself in a even deeper shit hole than he was already in.

Taking a little stroll to clear his head
Taking a little stroll to clear his head

The show ultimately build to wonderful payoff of realization that Jimmy was right along about the Kettelmens kidnapping themselves, for their selfish reasons of course. Leading to Jimmy finding them and a confrontation that ends in a surprising cliffhanger, making it clear to us that Jimmy ain’t out of the woods yet.

This episode was a great continuation and progression for the show, with a great performance and surprising twist to compliment it, we can all continue to bit our nails until next week.

Final Rating: B+

They share a moment
They share a moment

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