‘Kingsmen: The Secret Service’ Review


 The best way to describe Matthew Vaughn’s latest film Kingsmen is THAT IT’S AWESOME!! The movie rocks from start to finish, the film is one big hyper-stylized action and violent heavy Saturday morning cartoon and it totally works!!!

She is one hot badass chick!!!
She is one hot badass chick!!!

Leading this balls to the walls blockbuster is new comer Taron Egerton as the cocky and tough Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, Colin Firth as the proper and badass Harry Hart/Galahad and my man Samuel L Jackson as the evil and flamboyant Richmond Valentine. Based on Mark Millar and Dave Gibbon’s graphic novel of the same name the films plot is as follows: When the flamboyant tech mogul billionaire Richmond Valentine (Samuel L Jackson) threatens the world a top secret agency known as the Kingsmen (headed by Michael Caine) begins recruiting new blood to help them take-down the threat.

I walked into this film, having only seen the trailer and hearing the acclaim praises about the film through word of mouth. So naturally I was excited, this movie had been hyped up for me for a while and it’s very rare when a film lives up to it’s hype and I dare say Kingsmen is one of those rare films. Director Matthew Vaughn takes this 100 page graphic novel and injects his hyper stylized and hard R techniques and just amps everything up to 11.

the mentor and the student
The mentor and the student

Taron Egerton who is a relative new comer, (I’ve never heard of him) gives a great performance as Eggsy, who is this cocky and arrogant kid who as Colin Firth’s Harry Hart  states “is full of wasted potential”. Taron plays Eggsy with the right balance of cocky and heroic and never plays the character to conventional and standard. From the second act on the movie rest on Egerton’s shoulders and he succeeds in carrying the bulk of the film with ease, but as great as he is, this is Colin Firth and Sam Jackson’s movie.

Sam Jackson
“Son of a BITCH!”

Whenever Sam Jackson is in a movie, we automatically assume he’s going to play his character loud mouth, over the top and angry, because that is what Sam Jackson does best and that’s the brilliance of this movie, Sam Jackson is playing quite the opposite, he’s this mid 40s tech mogol billionaire, who dresses like a young teen from the 1990s and speaks with a cartoony lisp and he’s awesome, There is also a nice running gag about his character that I won’t spoil because it’s really funny. Jackson kills it as the films villain, he’s character is very self aware and engaging and his right hand lady, is also a complete knockout in both her looks and her badassness.

"Manners maketh man"
“Manners maketh man”

Then there’s Colin Firth as Harry Hart/Galahad one of the veteran Kingsmen Agents, who recruits Eggsy, and he is the absolute best thing about this movie, his first introduction is with a nice little action sequence and with every appearance on screen he makes, you want more of him. He uses everyone ounce of his screen presence to his advantage, he is giving most of the big juicy action set pieces, including what is going to be one of the big talk about violent set pieces for weeks to come.  There is a twist of fate with his character that I wanted to jump up outta my set and cheer because I never thought the movie would have the balls to do something like that, (boy was I wrong). What surprised me the most about Firth in this movie was how easily he translated to doing action scenes, he’s kicking ass left and right and you buy every punch his throws, that’s largely do to the way Matthew Vaughn directs these intense and inventive action scenes.

In Fact not since last year’s Edge of Tomorrow has action been done this good and with this much fluid style to where you can see and comprehend everything that’s going on screen. Plus with each new set piece the action gets bigger and better by the time the film got to the last big action scene I wanted to shout out loud “PHEW”.

The perfomances are a knockout, and the action gets bigger and better. The film has a striking great balance of self awareness, hard R violence, campy humor, action set pieces and yet with all that, there’s still character development even when the bullets are flying, jokes are being cracked back and forth and shit is exploding. All the characters both good and bad are still given meaty character depth and development thanks to this witty script and Vaughn’s sharp directions.

Kingsmen is defintaley the highlight of this horrid movie season we’ve been having since January. Ladies do your boyfriends a favor and go see Kingsmen instead of that other movie.

Final rating: BADASS!!!


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