Marvel brings Spider-Man into the fold

After years and years of speculation, rumors, prayers and wishes from fanboys and fangirls alike, at long last The Amazing Spider-Man has come home. Last night Sony and Marvel Entertainment released a joint statement that Spider-Man will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe!!! The deal is that Sony will still continue to finance, distribute, own and have final creative control of the Spider-Man films, however they will now be co-produce by Marvel Entertainment’s own Kevin Fiege who is known for jump starting the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the golden status it’s at now. Both Fiege and Amy Pascal (Sony Entertainment) will work together to find the new creative direction for the muti-billion dollar franchise. In addition to this deal, Spider-man will make his first appearance in a MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movie and then swing into his new solo film (being rebooted again) on July 28, 2017, if the date sounds fimilar that’s because it was previously held by Thor: Ragnarock which now has a November 2017 release date.

Admittedly this is exciting news for everyone who has ever wanted to see Spider-Man swinging with Iron Man and the Avengers, this  makes us one step closer to that glorious moment. As someone who was never a fan of “The Wildly Mediocre Spider-Man” films that have been produced these past five years, this feels my heart with joy, with Marvel in the fold (who obviously have a much better track record than Sony when it comes to superheroes), taking some active involvement in them, it makes me at least hope that we can get a true Spider-man movie, which the last good one I think was back in 2002.

Yet one has to wonder how this will affect the main movie going public? Having already invested in two new Spider-Man movies that just came fresh off of the Raimi’s Spider-Man films (Arguably too soon), how are they going to wrap their head around this? I think that this will come with a great confusion, especially giving that the majority of the movie going public seem to have enjoyed these last two Spider-Man movies. It might be confusing to them seeing a new actor don the costume and swing through the cities of New York in red and blue tights. Also does this mean that Spider-Man will appear in Civil War and if so, is this movie getting too crowded? That’s another post for another time, for now let’s just all smile with pleasure and say:

“Welcome home, Spidey”

Spider-Man and The Avengers .
Spider-Man and The Avengers .



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